NOTICE: Our online store is suspended for now, until we can sort out what we have after our in-person yard sale in September.

Since our new website operates differently than the old one, we need to explain how our "Store" will work now. It is a substitute for our previous "Online Yard Sale." You will need to click on a picture to get more information on each item. Some of the items will have extra photos for you to look at, so page further to see them. Once you find something you'd like to buy, you can go to the "Bag" as you would in a commercial shop. We could not figure out how to estimate shipping cost, especially if you want to buy more than one thing, so we wrote in "$10", but this would not actually be your mailing cost. Please send us a message using the "Contact" tab and we can discuss how you want to pay, what the shipping cost would be, and if you want us to mail you your purchases, pick them up yourself, or have us hold them until we see you again. We can, for example, hold purchases until our in-person yard sale or even our show in April.